Warmies® Mini Plush Blue Cat

Warmies® Mini Plush Blue Cat

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Blimey. Just when you thought you'd seen every type of feline (Short Hair, Persian, Bengal, Siamese, The Pussycat Dolls, Cat Deeley...) along comes fully microwavable Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Catto steal the show! In an Intelex Group survey, eight out of ten cats said that Warmies® Cozy Plush Blue Cat was "the cat they'd secretly prefer to be", in fact. Why? Because of the sheer amount of love she has showered on her; hour after hour of attention; endless fun-filled days; countless snuggly nights...


And don't be fooled by the colour of that gorgeous coat and those cute little whiskers. There's nothing blue about Cozy Plush Blue Cat's general mood. She's a happy and lovable little bundle of fun – guaranteed to soften the heart of even the sternest blue-rinsed matron ("Go on, let Cozy Plush Blue Cat relieve those tired and weary muscles, madam!"), and to lift the spirits of even the saddest blue-eyed child.


All this and you STILL need convincing? 


You've got to be kitten me!


Quick facts

  • Simple to use - just warm in a microwave
  • Can be reheated thousands of times
  • Surface clean with a damp sponge