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Party Photo Booth

Party Photo Booth

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Complete any party with the Party Photo Booth - the perfect way to create and capture memorable party moments!

Ideal for parties, celebrations and fun times with friends, the Party Photo Booth is a tabletop mini photo booth compatible with your smartphone or tablet that allows you to take the perfect party picture every time.

A vintage style photo booth design, the Party Photo Booth works with an app on your portable device to turn your phone or tablet into your own personal photo booth. Coming complete with a selection of fun photo props to get you started, simply mix and match your style and strike a fun pose then share your great photos online with friends!

The Party Photo Booth fits a range of portable devices and is easy to use. A fun, tongue-in-cheek gift for adding humour and laughs to parties and social gatherings, Providing great party gifts focused on having a fun time with friends, the Party gift range has everything you need to get the fun flowing.