Cozy Glow is carbon neutral.

We’re designing the world’s best products from recycled materials. Soon we’ll make them all with clean energy and no carbon footprint. Some say it’s impossible. At Cozy Glow, we think different.

See the steps we're taking.

Lighter on the planet. Straight out of the box.

Durable products, using low-carbon materials and processes is the next step in reducing the footprint of every Cozy Glow product in the world.

Completely recycled.

We're committed to one day sourcing 100% recycled and renewable materials across all of our products and packaging. Because making doesn't have to mean taking from the planet.

Outside a Candle live a new Candle.

We recover useful material from our products and give them a second life.

Clean energy is no longer optional.

Our products will be made entirely with clean energy. That means transitioning our manufacturing to 100% renewables sources of electricity.

Cozy Glow Ltd.
Officially in the green.

Cozy Glow's stores are powered by 100% renewable electricity.

We're investing in some wild ideas.

As we reduce emissions to as low as we can, we invest in Earth's natural carbon removers like forests, wetlands and grasslands to capture what's left.

A Cozy Glow protected forest in north Zimbabwe


of carbon reduction


trees in our forest
1 year climate positive
5,000 trees planted
Offset 50 tonnes of CO2