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Chocolate Orange Soy Candle

Chocolate Orange Soy Candle

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If you have a favourite festive chocolate, then this is the candle for you. This candle has two velvety scents that were made to go together, the sweet cocoa scent of the chocolate combined with the zesty orange is simply divine. It just reminds us of the classic Christmas gift, that you have to break and enjoy. It's sweet and tasty full of notes of clementine and deep vanilla scent, and of course the chocolate. 

About Our Soy Candles

Our traditional jar design reflects the warm and homely feeling our candles convey, as the warm golden light shines through it will be filling the room with a gorgeous scent for approcimately 30 to 40 hours of aromatherapy and relaxation.

Regular Specifications;
Burning Time 30 - 40 hrs 
Weight: 335 g ℮
Dimensions: 8 x 6.8 cm
Large Specifications;
Burning Time 60 - 80 hrs 
Weight: 500 g ℮
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 cm

Why Cozy Glow? 

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Lovingly Handmade in London
  • Small Family Business

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