Sequins Everywhere!

Reversible sequin cushions was a craze that started last autumn. This trend shows no sign of stopping, especially with new Mermaid, Unicorn and Llama items! If its a gift, or that must-have accessory for you sanctuary we have it here! 

Our gorgeously sparkly makeup bags are sure to bring some happy vibes to your morning routine! Available in three iridescent colors. Mermaid Blue/Green, Pink and Silver/Black. 

Usually, we associate sequins with sparkly dresses. As it turns out, glittery garb shines brightly all summer too. From glistening bags to twinkling time-saving devices, to bejeweled brushes and beyond — sequins never fail to add some sparkle to our day! Ahead you'll find some of our items to integrate twinkly flair into your life, after all, what is life without a bit of sparkle! 


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