Saving the Earth Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth! Read why you should make the switch to Solid Shampoo.

You might not have noticed, but there’s a small revolution happening in the beauty and skincare industries:  it started with shampoo bars, but the ripples will soon be everywhere, at Cozy Glow we have always encouraged recycling/reusing the packaging of our products, we offer a refill service in-store for our Reed Diffusers, Room Spays, Bath Salts, Essential Oils and Candles. 
Did you know if we all switched to solid shampoo bars, this would take 522 million plastic bottles out of the system, and be replaced with natural, biodegradable packaging, in our case use wax paper, a tried and tested method used for hundreds of years? 
So why our shampoo bars? To start with they are great value for money, being 1/2 the price and double the size of high-street rivals, but you are also supporting an independent business, trying to change our high-streets and communities for the better. If that wasn't a reason enough, take a look below to see why you should buy our shampoo bars. 
  • If you see “SLS” or “SLES” on a products ingredients, you know you’re looking at a product with a synthetic detergent base in need of a foaming agent — and not a product like ours that is made from oils designed to be compatible with your skin. Happy Skin, Happy you! 
  • If you see perfume or fragrance listed in the ingredients, you’ll know those scents are synthetic, rather than the natural essential oils we use to scent our soap.

Five advantages of using our Shampoo Bar


They are lighter, smaller and Not liquid, so no need to separate them in your carry-on luggage, just pack and forget!


The bars are plastic and package free, It is estimated that we throw out 552 million shampoo bottles a year, and while many say they are recyclable, most still end up in landfills or oceans. 


A single bar is roughly equivalent to 80 washes or 3 medium-sized shampoo bottles, depending on the length of your hair. At £3.95 a bar, they are great value for money. 


Another important benefit is that because of their tiny size relative to a shampoo bottle, they take up much less space in a lorry, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 

5. NATURAL, Handmade Product

Like regular shampoos, there are several different bars to choose from, each suited to different hair types. But the natural properties of the Argan Oil base combined with the essential oils make these a step ahead of the rest! 


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