Reed Diffusers, Long Lasting and Worry Free!

Reed diffusers will give you a scent that will last longer than a candle and, with no flames in the mix, you can leave them all day and night! Instead, you get concentrated essential oils in pretty glass bottles, with our new refills coming soon. Our scents are cleverly diffused into your environment by rattan reeds. From fresh-smelling, invigorating fragrances to heady florals, we’ve got the diffuser that will fit with you. 

Reed diffusers don’t have to be a luxury item although many come with a luxury price tag! The scent you get from this clean and modern bottle really is reminiscent of that clean laundry smell. With a generous amount of natural reeds, you will enjoy the scent all month long!

If you like your scents floral and heady – then our Gardenia scent is for you! A blend of Eastern blooms with musk and vanilla undertones, it’ll make an impact.

The UK countryside is the inspiration for our collections that evoke childhood memories and range from the fresh and floral to the spicy and smoky.

Retaining traditional skills and age-old, handmade techniques, We manufacture all products using raw materials that preserve sensitivity to the environment.
















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