Just Launched! Cocoba Chocolate - It's Rich & Totally Irresistible!

Life is too short not to have some self-indulgence! So we have partnered up with Cocoba to offer you some great quality chocolate products and drinks to enjoy.

Cocoba, a UK company searched the globe for the highest quality cocoa beans and best tasting chocolate (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it).

If that all sounds too good, and you want to enjoy Cocoba chocolate now, we offer a range of chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, chocolate coated coffee beans, salted toffee truffles, and much, much more, which can all be purchased here, directly from our website. From 90% dark chocolate bars to chocolate covered ginger, we have a chocolate for you (and for your friends and loved ones).

Cocoba Chocolate Range

Available in-store and right here is a great selection of sweet treats, some best to keep for yourself, and other perfect to give a grin from ear to ear as a gift.

Cocoba Chocolate Bars

With our truffles and pralines, you can buy a great pack of 6, or for a larger gift or special occasion, our gift boxes are perfect. You will get a great selection of 25 assorted fine chocolates and truffles - because life is too short not to have the best!

Cocoba Gift Box

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