Father's Day Gift for Music Loving Dads

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be difficult, but Cozy Glow is here to help. While chocolate, socks, and beer are some of the safest options, when it comes to picking a truly thoughtful gift, it’s good to be guided by the man himself. Why not get something useful, and decorative too!  

Check out our personlised units now! 

Personalised Record Storage Crate 

For the dads out there with an extensive music orvinyl collection, our personalised record storage crates will make a great gift. Not only will having one of these stylish crates enable your dad to keep his favourite records at the heart of his home rather than stowed away in a box in the attic, but the extra addition of wheels will also allow him to transport them easily to get any party started!
Having the chance to add a personalised message also gives you the opportunity to make this a more individual gift that’s entirely unique to him. So, whether it’s a personal nickname or a novel message, a personalised storage crate could be the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. 

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